Ressenya al National Geographic

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A la revista National Geographic, hi ha una secció que es diu “Viajes”. A l’edició del 6 de febrer, la cap de la secció, Sandra Martín, ha publicat un interessant article sota el títol De apellido, solidario on explica com moltes iniciatives de turisme es fan amb l’objectiu de la solidaritat o el voluntariat. Aquests viatges solidaris pretenen contribuir a la millora de les condicions de vida dels habitants de… Read More »Ressenya al National Geographic

Gratitude to our cooperative shops

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We want to thank all of our cooperative shoops for their contributions. Specially to Antonello and Smantha from and Amelia from and Silvia and Peyo from . 

You can now buy our recycled pearls necklaces!

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From now on, you will be able to find our recycled pearls necklaces in @naftalina_tenda_de_roba shop in the Gràcia neighbourhood. They are made in Ghana by the association families and all the money is for the Koforidua Families project. Many thanks, Tuni Torregrossa, for your collaboration in your amazing shop.

akwaba noupatufet

Gratitude to Nou Patufet School and their families

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With thanks to Nou Patufet, with your children we lived the emotion of sharing the legend of Akwaba which then you could buy. The collection will be destined to the project Outside the private orphanages and the payment of Adom for the following course 2021/2022. Many thanks, families and school Nou Patufet!

Between robots and mattresses! Gratitude to Nou Patufet School from Vila de Gràcia.

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Six grade students of Nou Patufet school have collected some money to buy a robot for the class… but in the process they noticed they didn’t have enough money. So, they needed to find a solution and in one go they decided to give this money to an ONG.. and they chose ours!! Many thanks to everyone!! The collected money is destinated... Read More »Between robots and mattresses! Gratitude to Nou Patufet School from Vila de Gràcia.

Akwa ba de tela

Legend of Akwa ba

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Many years ago in the Ashanti village of Ghana, the prettiest girl in the village, whose name was Akwa (because she was born on Wednesday) couldn’t stop crying. People didn’t understand her, she was the prettiest, married to the most handsome boy and had all the gold she wanted. But for Akwa, the beauty and the richness were not the most important thing, what she really wanted was to have a ... Read More »Legend of Akwa ba

The construction of the school workshop has already started!

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Nothing better than some pictures to see how the construction of the workshop school has started. We are very excited about it as it will provide our families autonomy towards a dignified life. Our children also wanted to participate!

Schools already have hygiene kits for COVID-19

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On 18 January 2021 and after nine months of lock down, schools reopened in Ghana. We are happy for this news and we want to thank you, again, for helping us by giving a sanitary kit to every school we contribute with. With these kits and the recommendations children received from teachers and headmasters we know they are safe at school. We can’t inform you about the kits without mentioning a letter that Aunty Helen, headmistress of Anointed School, gave to the families. It is an example of generosity and tenderness which makes Read More »Schools already have hygiene kits for COVID-19

Website launch

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Today 14 November 2020 we have launched the association web with all kinds of information about our activities, news, resources and a brief explanation on how you can help us with our solidarity task not only in Ghana but also in Catalonia for Ghanain children and their families.