What we do?


We organize talks and workshops in Catalan schools, neighborhoods, associations and companies
to give visibility to the reality of the children of Ghana and create awareness.

We try to raise awareness amongst children in Catalan schools on the living conditions of children in Koforidua (Ghana).


We spread Ghanaian culture in schools through storytelling, singing songs and sharing the local traditions by organizing different kinds of workshops.


We make the new generations understand that Africa must not be seen as a container where we can throw away those things we do no longer want.


We organize talks and lectures in neighbourhood associations and companies in order to inform them about the reality of children in Koforidua (Ghana).


We support Ghanaian families in the process of census and schooling of children, in addition to providing them with medical insurance and the necessary treatments and other aids in education and housing.
Searching and information to families/communities

We make families at risk aware that orphanages are not the solution for their children. We explain to them the real situation in such institutions and we give them the necessary help so that children can live with their family/community.

Registering children in the population census

The first thing we do once children are back to their family or community is to check whether their birth has been registered in the census; if it has not been recorded, we endeavour to have it done. Any unregistered child is an invisible child and any invisible child has no rights.

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Help with schooling and support to children education

We help in the process of schooling children in local schools, contributing to the total payment of taxes, school supplies, uniforms, food and transport, with the aim to fight against functional illiteracy among children who have lived in orphanages and promote their educational and social development.

Provision of medical insurance

We provide children with a medical insurance and pay for the necessary treatment.

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Growing awareness of Ghanaian culture

We help children and young people being aware and proud of their culture and contribute to make them feel Ghanaian and to identify themselves with their traditions and community, so that when they grow up, they feel deeply rooted in their country. We inform them about the risks involved in crossing over to Europe. In this respect, we will go deeper into the role of information and making it accessible, in order to make young Ghanaians aware of the inherent dangers of their desire to arrive in Europe. We believe that only a realistic vision of both their country and Europe can help children and young people of Koforidua to achieve full maturity.

Housing and accommodation assistance

Our Ghanaian collaborators monitor the housing conditions and provide means to improve them (e.g.: mattresses, mosquito nets).

Food aid

In addition to paying for the meals to be provided at school, we distribute packages of food to the most deprived families, since the degree of poverty is such that they need it to guarantee a decent living standard.

Professional training at our sewing school

We help families to find a place in the labour-market enabling them to take care of and maintain their children, while restoring the affective bonds. We believe that our task only makes sense if we achieve self-sufficiency within families and that is why we decided to create a sewing school.

Professional training for the youngest

We help pay for vocational training for children who finish school, enabling them to access decent work once they reach adulthood. The ultimate goal is that these young people aspire to stay and live with dignity in their own country, and that they can do so.

Regular visits by GhanABC

Our Ghanaian directors from GhanABC help us find the children relatives, and then we have a careful and individualized follow up of the families who have decided to embrace and live with their children. On the other hand, we also carefully monitor children and young people schooling in order to ensure their correct adaptation and academic evolution and prevent them from dropping out.


GhanABC and the COVID-19

We can’t know the real cases of covid in Ghana. The official numbers are only diagnosed through test and referring to the deaths we can only be sure for the one who went to the hospital, not the one who died at home or in the streets. There were 27060 diagnosed cases on 19 July 2020. The association has start up two projects: Distribution of food lots and sanitary products for the families i School equipment with sanitizers

Our sewing school

Rebecca is the eldest girl who quitted the orphanage. She studied sewing, and her skills and education will allow her to be the head of a school for other young people. This is our goal. Thanks to the school she will not only have a dignified way of living, but she will also be able to teach children of the association who wish to follow her steps. We must point out that all the products we are selling have been sewed by her and, soon, other young people of the association will help her. All the revenues from these sales are allocated to the school. For the time being, we have a plot of land, but we still must buy the stand, 6 sewing machines, 10 weavers, thread and other material. If you want to collaborate, click here.


Activities carried out by GhanABC at the Anointed school in Koforidua. Our collaborators NEVER give the classes, there are already specialized teachers to do this work, they will limit themselves to help the teacher with additional material and to give workshops or reinforcements in extracurricular hours.


Thorough monitoring of children at school.


Local culture

Recovery of games, traditional tales, legends and songs from their own country.


Craft making

The children at school discovered a new way to express themselves through the mud.



Theatre activities and short performances with Ghanaian works, dance and singing.



In the new school building we have reserved a space for a library. It will be set up in such a way that there is room also for relaxation and practising quiet table games.

While we arrange the library, we take them to the Koforidua library.


Gymkhanas and sports games

Fridays in Ghanaian schools are dedicated to these activities and we collaborate with them by teaching them the traditional games of Catalonia (“Steal the Flingsock”, “Hopscotch,” “Granny's Footsteps”, etc)


Register of associations of the Generalitat de Catalunya nº G67606574

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