Testimonials from people who have been supported by Ghan abc.

Hello, my name is Mercy I am a hairdresser and I live in Koforidua with my family. In 2015 I married Mensah, he is a taxi driver and then I found out that he had a child at an orphanage. Together with what is now the Ghan abc Solidarity Association, we have managed to get this child, Mishel, to live with us now and to go to school in... Mishel is a happy child, he has found his father and I am his mother. Ghan abc has helped us to improve our quality of life (we have been able to move house, we sleep on mattresses, we have medical assistance and above all we know that our children will be able to choose their future). In 2018 we were able to give a little sister to Mishel, Baby Laura, whose schooling is also paid for by the association.


Koforidua, Ghana

Ghan abc

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